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Cordoba Car Rental

Córdoba is a wonderful city in Andalusia which is situated in the southern Spain. It is always good to get the Cordoba car rental deal for ease at the trip. You can reach every area and place by driving the car at your own. You will be getting freedom and can roam here and there with ease through the Cordoba car rental deals. The full time car rental service is another wonderful facility for the customers. The affordability is major concern here. Anyone can get the Cordoba car rental deal. You will be getting the best professional services here.

Cordoba- Highlights

It is the capital city of the province of Córdoba. Córdoba has the second largest Old town in Europe. UNESCO declared it as the World Heritage Site. It is a symbol of this city. Well, the Great Mosque of Córdoba as well as the current cathedral which is present alongside the Roman bridge. Car hire Cordoba service will help you see these places. There are several more roman remains around the city that include the Roman Temple, Mausoleum, the Theatre, the Colonial Forum, an amphitheater and the Forum Adiectum. Well, you must also see the remains of the Palace of the Emperor Maximian. It is a must see piece.

This beautiful city is home to over 12 Christian churches which were constructed by Ferdinand III of Castile. Most of them have been made in 13th century. Hire a car at Cordoba when ever you are in the city and visit the Iglesia de Santa Marina de Aguas Santas that was built in the 13th century. Then we have the San Nicolás de la Villa. There are so many marvelous paces to view and have fun. Other notable places include the San Miguel, Church of San Juan y todos los Santos, Santa Marina de Aguas Santas, and San Agustín.

Rent a car at Cordoba and visit every single corner of this city on your own rules.

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